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 The Coalition Family Health Center is recognized as an Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) facility. Our services include primary care, pharmacy, lab services, and health coaching. 

The Coalition Family Health Center and Pharmacy is available to those enrolled in sponsored insurance plans of Cloud Peak Energy, Blackjewel, Peabody Energy, City of Gillette, and Campbell County. It’s a convenient, full-service healthcare facility for the use of employees, retirees, and dependents who are enrolled in a participating company’s insurance plan; the center is not open to the general public.


Gillette, WY: 

Tucked away in Wyomings Northeast corner, Gillete is neslted in between two of the country's most beloved sites, Yellowstone to the west and Mount Rushmore to the east. 

Campbell county’s largest communities, Gillette and Wright, are the unofficial dual ‘capitals’ of the Powder River Basin, which lies between two of the West’s most enchanting mountain ranges, the Big Horns and the Black Hills, and contains our nation’s richest coal fields and one of the largest privately owned bison ranches in the country.

Gillette is an excellent place to raise a family, and offers a low cost of living, and superior public education system.