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Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, HealthSpan Partners is an auxiliary organization of Catholic Health Partners. HealthSpan Partners includes HealthSpan Physicians, a medical group practice serving Northeast Ohio and HealthSpan Integrated Care, formerly Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Ohio, Inc. Online at 

ABOUT HealthSpan Physicians, LLC  


Nearly 50 years ago our group began charting a new direction in health care. It was an innovative concept: a partnership of medicine and management that has become a model for the efficient delivery of quality medical care.  

Formerly known as the OHIO PERMANENTE MEDICAL GROUP we transitioned to become HealthSpan Physicians LLC as of October 1, 2013. HealthSpan Integrated Care and HealthSpan Physicians are part of HealthSpan Partners, a non-religious holding company that invests in innovative healthcare advances and serves as an auxiliary organization to Catholic Health Partners. 

HealthSpan Physicians LLC services the northeastern part of the state and is the health plan of choice for approximately 86,000 members. We provide comprehensive prevention, diagnosis, treatment, disease management, and follow-up medical services through our integrated practice, which has approximately 200 physicians and allied health professionals, and nearly 1,600 non-physician employees. We operate 15 medical centers in the Greater Cleveland/Akron areas. All patient care provided at a HealthSpan Medical Center is united through an innovative, nationally award-winning electronic medical record (EMR) information system that greatly enhances the physician's capacity to offer coordinated care to members - whether in the Ohio region or in any of the other KP regions.  

INTEGRATED HEALTH CARE: HealthSpan’s integrated system is an invaluable tool for identifying ways to enhance quality and efficiency. In pediatrics, for example, our unique approach helped us increase infant immunization rates by readily identifying children who had not been immunized. Now these rates reach 74.5 percent, far above that of the national HMO average of about 61 percent. Our innovative diabetes program has made sure that 61 percent of adult KP members with diabetes received retinal examinations in the last year. That's more than 25 percent higher than the Ohio average.  

A central automated medical record for each patient cross-checks medications and eliminates duplicate tests to enhance efficiency and keep prices affordable. Our physicians receive computerized reminders, an important part of this system, to prescribe beta blockers as a preventative measure for nearly 97 percent of members who have had a heart attack. That's well above the Ohio average.  

Our integrated system also enables our providers to monitor procedures and outcomes to find ways to continually enhance the quality and efficiency of care. That means our members receive the very best care available anywhere and that we provide employers with comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.  

FOCUS ON PREVENTION: HealthSpan changed the economics of medicine by focusing on keeping the patient healthy rather than just treating the illness. By offering a broad benefit package, HealthSpan encourages members to seek care before a medical problem becomes serious and more complex treatment is necessary. Most important, we offer our members immunizations, screenings, and health education classes in fitness, nutrition, cardiac health, weight loss, and much more to help them get healthy and stay healthy.  

A NEW DIRECTION: Through these approaches, we are charting a new direction for health care. We were founded on innovative thinking, and we're still forging new trails. Our vision of the future remains focused on encouraging new ideas and turning the best of those ideas into sound practices that improve the health status of the communities we serve. 



Northeast Ohio has enjoyed positive exposure in recent years as a wonderful place to work and live. Cleveland is now considered to be in the upper echelon of “best cities” in the United States. Always known as a cultural center, including world class theaters, arts, and museums, the area also provides a diverse array of recreational amenities including boating, fishing, and skiing. Other area attributes include excellent public and private schools, fine dining, a moderate cost of living, low commute times, a strong housing market, professional sports, and beautiful suburbs. There is a high concentration of colleges and universities in Northeast Ohio, and more individuals are employed by a health care entity than in any other industry.