Columbus Regional HealthCare System

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Columbus Regional HealthCare System (CRHS) has been dedicated to the well-being of our community for almost 80-years and was established to care for the sick and injured. 

Our Mission:  We will be the primary healthcare home for the citizens of Columbus County and surrounding communities.  We promise to put our patients first, providing healthcare services that raise standards for safety, quality, service, compassion, and efficiency.  We will promote health, wellness, and prevention initiatives.  And we will serve as a gateway for our community to access the entire spectrum of healthcare resources, whether local or distant.

Our Vision:  We will be the community's first choice for healthcare services, recognized for our leadership in helping our region become one of the healthiest in the state.

Columbus Regional HealthCare System (CRHS) is 154-bed accredited, not-for-profit organization that is managed by Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) and governed by a local Board of Trustees who are a conscientious team of community leaders.   CRHS provides the highest standards of health care and medical specialties which includes: Cardiac Services, Surgical Services, 24-hour Laboratory Services, a Family Birthing Center, advanced diagnostic imaging technology utilizing a computerized PACS system, a Wound Healing Center with a Diabetes Education Program and the Donayre Cancer Care Center (DCCC).

A physician network has been established as part of the Carolinas Physician Network (CPN) and we continue to add primary care physicians and specialists to provide comprehensive, high-quality, and cost effective health care to our medical community.

Location:  Whiteville, the county seat of Columbus County, is a southern city rich in history and charm, with an array of historical sites, homes, and museums, a family-based community, friendly neighbors, a progressive school system, a healthy economy, with active community involvement.  Columbus County is located in the fertile lowlands of the coastal plain and southeastern section of North Carolina.   Whiteville is just a short distance from the sandy shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the bustling town of Wilmington, home to the University of North Carolina - Wilmington. 

Natural History:  Lake Waccamaw, one of the largest natural lakes, sits at the edge of the Green Swamp Preserve filled with carnivorous plants, including pitcher plants, Venus flytraps and sundews.  The Waccamaw River which flows from the lake, is in the southeastern section of the county.  The swift, dark waters of the Lumber River defines the western limits of the county, while the Cape Fear River comprises a section of the northeastern border. 

Columbus County is a haven for boating, camping and lakeside living.  Pine forests and cypress stands, sleepy rivers and coastal plains make Columbus County one of the most beautiful areas in eastern North Carolina!