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Career Fair

Event Start Date Name / Location (City)
Event Type
07/18/2024 Specialty Fair /Virtual Virtual
07/25/2024 North Pacific North Mountain /Virtual Virtual
08/01/2024 South Central /Virtual Virtual
08/08/2024 Specialty Fair /Virtual Virtual
08/15/2024 South Pacific South Mountain /Virtual Virtual
08/22/2024 Specialty Fair /Virtual Virtual
09/12/2024 Specialty Fair /Virtual Virtual
09/19/2024 South Atlantic /Virtual Virtual
09/26/2024 Great Lakes /Virtual Virtual
10/10/2024 New England /Virtual Virtual
10/17/2024 Specialty Fair /Virtual Virtual
10/24/2024 Southeast Central /Virtual Virtual
11/07/2024 Upper Midwest /Virtual Virtual

InPerson Events

Event Start Date Name / Location (City)
07/27/2024 American Academy of Family Physicians National Conference /Kansas City
09/24/2024 American Academy of Family Physicians Family Medicine Experience /Phoenix
09/27/2024 American Academy of Pediatrics /Orlando
09/29/2024 American College of Emergency Physicians /Las Vegas
10/18/2024 American Society of Anesthesiologists /Philadelphia
10/19/2024 American College of Surgeons /San Francisco
10/27/2024 American College of Gastroenterology /Philadelphia
10/29/2024 Psych Congress /Boston

Recruiter Events

Event Start Date Name / Location (City)
09/08/2024 Michigan Recruitment and Retention Network /Mackinac Island
09/17/2024 3RNET /Bismark
09/29/2024 Southeast Physician Recruiters Association /Amelia Island
10/06/2024 Medical Group Management Association /Denver
10/20/2024 Carolinas Association of Provider Services /Charlotte
10/27/2024 Northwest Staff Physician Recruiters - Southwest Physician Recruiters Association /Las Vegas