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Premise Health is the nation's premier provider of workplace-based healthcare services. With a full suite of services, including primary care, occupational and acute/episodic care and pharmacy services, comprehensive health promotion and fitness programming, as well as physical therapy and behavioral health counseling, we help make your employees healthier.

We have managed employer-sponsored healthcare programs for some of the world's leading companies for more than 40 years, delivering on-site healthcare services through millions of cumulative patient visits. Our management team and clinicians are industry experts who have dedicated their careers to improving healthcare delivery. You and your employees will benefit from our focus on clinical excellence, value creation, and client satisfaction.

At Premise Health, we believe that changing healthcare demands new ideas. We've built a remarkable organizational culture focused on growth and innovation.

Unlike more traditional healthcare settings, our team members have the freedom to spend more time with their patients, while working alongside them every day. It’s a forward-thinking approach that allows us to provide best-in-class services, fostering stronger patient engagement and delivering higher-value programs that have a profound and positive impact on millions of lives.

We value open communication, knowledge sharing, and new ideas. Ours is a culture that never accepts the status quo, and by joining the team, you will experience it firsthand. We are always learning – from ourselves, from each other, and from our clients. And, we are always thinking, always looking for new ways – better ways – to help people keep their edge, day after day.

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